Dust Explosion and Protection Testing & Risk Assessment

Dust Explosion Characteristics Testing

Dust Explosion and Protection Research Institute established the international advanced and the leading domestic dust explosion test laboratory according to the ISO and IEC standards,it is the only test and inspection institution in Southern China which can carry out a complete set of test on characteristic parameters of dust explosion. The main equipment of the laboratory are:1m3 ball dust explosion test system (Czech), 20L dust explosion characteristic test system, explosion screening device (UK), dust cloud minimum ignition energy test device (Czech),dust cloud minimum ignition temperature test device (Czech), dust layer minimum ignition temperature test device (Czech), dust layer resistivity testing device,laser particle size tester (UK), moisture meter (Germany),precision balance (Germany), molar grinding machine (Germany),vibrating sifter (Germany) and so on.

(1)Dust explosion characteristic parameter testing

① dust explosion screening testing

② dust explosion sensitivity parameter

minimum ignition energy of a dust cloud

minimum ignition temperature of a dust cloud

minimum ignition temperature of a dust layer

limiting explosible concentraion of a dust

specific resistance of a dust

minimum oxygen content concentration for dust explosion

③ dust explosion intensity parameter

maximum explosion pressure of a dust cloud

maximum rate of pressure rise of a dust explosion

explosion index of a dust cloud

(2)Dust physical property testing

moisture content

dry particle size testing

wet particle size testing

Dust Explosion Inspection in Dangerous Place

Dust explosion inspection in dangerous place has been authorized B grade safety production certificate,which is supported by the particular parameter test of dust explosion,mainly based on GB15577 dust explosion prevention safety regulation, as well as dust removal system and other security technical specification for inspecting architecture, dust removal system, vacuum cleaner, wind pipe, fan, explosion-proof electrical device,eletrical safety and antistatic measures, dust cleaning system , used in AQ4273 dust explosion dangerous place, inspection report has been a majormeans for safetyproduction supervision and management departments to approve the dustex-plosion dangerous place.

Explosion Risk Assessment of Dangerous Sites with Explosive Dust

Through evaluating systemic safety factors of dangerous sites which include production process, explosive dust, building layout, measurement of dust explosion parameters, explosion environment identification, the identification of ignition source and management risk identification, comprehensively measuring explosion probability and the risk severity, we can obtain dust explosion risk level by risk matrix. Risk assessment is helpful for enterprises to understand and grasp the risks better, to deal with the risk prevention measures and choose reasonable selection risk countermeasure, to form the best response combination and reduce the risk of safety production.

Design of Renovation Scheme on Dust Explosion in Hazardous Sites

On the basis of dust explosion properties test and theexplosive risk assessment, aiming at the dust explosion of dedusting system which include dedusting method, wind speed and air volume, the type of electric apparatus for explosive atmospheres, the design and installation of explosion prevention and control measures during production process, we can provide a set of professional customized design and retrofit scheme of technical services. To provide better service to the enterprises safety in production, and improve the explosion risk prevention and control ability on enterprises of explosion dust according to it’s requirements.

1 cubic metre ball dust explosion test systemExplosion screening device

Dust cloud minimum ignition energy test deviceDust cloud minimum ignition temperature test device

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