Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment Inspection and Testing

China Explosion-proof Equipment Certification

        CQCEx can provide you with services including explosion-proof electrical equipment product design, installation, maintenance, inspection and certification.

The scope of detection ability includes flameproof enclosures(d), increased safety (e), intrinsic safety (i), pressurized enclosures (p), oil-immersion (o), powder filling(q), n type (n), encapsulation (m) and other compound type explosion-proof electrical equipment. The main equipment includes the diameter of 1m, 1.6m and 2.4m flameproof enclosures explosion-proof test device and system; dualistic and ternary intrinsically safe spark test device ; the safety test system of battery; pressurized enclosures test device, RF source test device of explosion-proof electrical equipment; explosion-proof battery vibration testing device etc..

Explosion-proof Type Test of Explosion-proof Special Equipment

Explosion-proof Special Equipment is a special kind of Special Equipment, it must be inspected and tested by a institution which has the Approval Certificate of Special Equipment,China National Quality Supervison and Testing Center of Explosion-proof Equipment(Guangdong) is the only one has this certification. Currently, China National Quality Supervison and Testing Center of Explosion-proof Equipment(Guangdong) is responsible for the explosion-proof type test of Explosion-proof Special Equipment(mainly including explosion-proof elevator, explosion-proof crane and explosion-proof industrial trucks), and issuing Explosion-proof Certification to the qualified equipment.

Explosion-proof Equipment International Certification

CQCEx can provide international certification services (ATEX, IECEx, North America, China Classification Society).Test work in accordance with the IEC60079 series, 60079 in Europe , United States UL and Canada CSA. CQCEx has established a cooperation relationship with China CCS, Germany PTB, Germany TUV, Norway NEMKO, DNV, UL and CSA. All these co-operations have laid a solid foundation for CQCEx’s development, and made it possible not only for the Chinese manufacturers of explosion-protected equipment to apply for foreign approval at home, but also for the manufacturers to apply for two organizations’ approval at one organization simultaneously.


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