Hazardous Chemicals Physical Hazard Inspection and Testing

CQCEx hazardous chemicals physical hazard testing capability covers hazardous chemicals physical hazard parameters test, hazardous chemicals registering physicochemical parameters test, hazardous chemicals physical hazard classification, Materials Safety Data Sheet(MSDS/SDS)compilation, hazardous chemicals fire and explosion risk assessment, using sites safety risk investigation, cargo transport conditions authentication, etc. CQCEx can undertake a series of national standards GB30000, ASTME537, ST/SG/AC.10/11/ Rev.5 and other testing standards.

Testing personnel’s areas of specialty include Chemical Engineering and Technology, Safety Technology and Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Environmental Science, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. The testing laboratory has more than 40 sets of special equipment for testing, including BAM impact sensitivity tester (Czech), BAM friction sensitivity tester (Czech), Kernan experiment instrument (Czech), time/pressure tester (Czech), liquid continuous combustion tester (Czech), 75℃ thermal stability tester (Czech), etc.

Materials Safety Data Sheet(MSDS/SDS)Compilation

Provide MSDS/SDS compilation services for the procurement, acceptance, use, storage and management of chemicals, especially hazardous chemicals, and provide evidence for the development of technical precautions to ensure safety use of chemicals.

Hazardous Chemicals Physical Risk Test

Including but not limited to the following:

Explosive effect test (eg, Kernan test, time/pressure experiment)

Materials stability test (eg, impact sensitivity test, friction sensitivity test, 75 ℃ thermal stability test)

Stability test of articles, packaging articles and packaging materials (eg, thermal stability test)

ANE sensitivity test (eg, Kernan experiment)

Flash point measurement

Solid burning rate experiment

Transmission of deflagration test (eg, time/pressure experiment, deflagration experiment )

Heating effect test under closed conditions (eg, Kernan experiment)

Solid oxidant test

Hazardous Chemicals Fire and Explosion Risk Assessment

For the production, use, storage and other enterprises to provide based on laboratory testing and on-site inspection of fire and fire risk assessment, according to their own plant layout, ventilation facilities, process, pipeline layout and safety protection measures tailored fire explosion Risk assessment.

Using Risk Investigation of Hazardous Chemicals

Provide enterprises hazardous chemicals fire and explosion risk assessment based on laboratory testing and on-site inspection, and provide enterprises tailored fire and explosion risk assessment according to its enterprise plant layout, ventilation facilities, process, pipeline layout and safety protection measures.

Cargo Transport Conditions Authentication

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