Lighting (Including Explosion-proof) and Electric Light Source Inspection and Testing

CQCEx can provide luminaires (including explosion-proof luminaires) safety testing, performance testing, environmental reliability testing and technical consulting services. Equipped with photoelectric testing room, photometric testing room, photobiological safety testing room, safety testing room, etc, is the advanced comprehensive testing laboratory of luminaires in the industry, can complete a variety of general luminaires, explosion-proof luminaires of the photoelectric detection, spatial optical distribution detection, biological safety and blue light hazard evaluation.

Test product range

Detection products cover common luminaires, such as incandescent lamp, CFL, LED, MR16, GU10 , PAR lamp, tubes , fixed luminaires, portable luminaires, recessed luminaires, floodlights, streetlights, garden lamp, hand lamp, etc.) and explosion-proof lamps and lanterns.

Scope of business

Cover test standard GB7000 series, LM - 79, GB/T 9468, GB/T 7002, GB/T 20145, GB/T 20145 series, IEC/EN 60598 series, IEC/EN 62560, IEC/EN 62776, IEC/EN 62471, IEC/EN 62778, IEC/EN 62031, GB 3836 series, GB 12476 series, IEC 60079 series, provides the type test, individual entrusted test, customized testing services, inspection and engineering acceptance services.

1.5m Integrating Sphere (Constant Temperature)0.5m Integrating Sphere

GoniophotometerIDR300 Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems


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