Non-electrical/Mechanical Explosion-proof Equipment Inspection and Testing

CQCEx non-electrical/mechanical explosion-proof detection capability covers non-electrical, mechanical equipment and components ignition risk assessment, explosion-proof performance testing and certification, no spark material explosion-proof performance testing, barrier material explosion-proof performance testing, Explosion-proof internal combustion engine, explosion-proof fan, explosion protection products and other explosion-proof complete sets of equipment inspection and evaluation. Our company is a nationally recognized earlier professional non-electrical / mechanical explosion-proof equipment testing and certification bodies, according to GB25286 series,GB20800 series and other standards issued in a test report.

The laboratory was equipped with a professional non-electrical / mechanical explosion-proof safety testing equipment, with a number of leading domestic and even leading international equipment, such as: Crane wheel and rail friction and explosion-proof performance test platform, explosion-proof test device, clutch explosion-proof performance test device Hammer mechanical sparking ability test device, friction-type mechanical spark ignition ability test device, high-speed impact mechanical sparking ability test device, mechanical vibration test platform.

According to the GB25286 series standards, we can apply the five kinds of explosion-proof types, such as current limiting shell type "fr", flameproof enclosure type "d", structural safety C, control ignition source B, and immersion type K.

Explosion-proof performance test of non-electrical / mechanical equipment

Risk assessment of non-electrical / mechanical equipment lighting

Explosion-proof performance test of non-electrical / mechanical equipment

The type test of explosion-proof combustion engine

Explosion-proof performance certification of explosion-proof fan

Mechanical components in a complete set of explosion-proof equipment testing

Explosion-proof performance test of special equipment

Explosion-proof performance testing of non-sparking material

Evaluation of mechanical spark ignition capability of non-sparking materials

The type test of explosion-proof hand tools

Explosion-proof performance testing of barrier material

Other testing

Explosion proof performance test of flame arrester

Mechanical vibration testing

Stress-strain testing

In recent years, CQCEx in the non-electrical/mechanical explosion-proof safety field carried out a wide range of inspection and testing and scientific research work, such as explosion-proof anti-fall safety, explosion-proof fan, explosion-proof pneumatic hoist, explosion-proof pneumatic drill, elevator safety gear, gear box and explosion-proof internal combustion engine.

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